Written by L.A. Tarone

We Were Here Once Book

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  • In a book that is part history text, part policy manifesto and part personal stories, Hazleton's well-known multi-media personality looks at the history of the area he's called home all his life. Tarone pays special attention to aspects of Hazleton history which have either been ignored or re-written. He details calamities, such as fires, mine cave-ins, train wrecks and redevelopment plans. He provides blow by blow coverage of a long forgotten textile strike that turned Hazleton's streets into a riot zone. And with thorough detective work, he concludes Hazleton was home to radicals who used arson as their main poitical weapon. By dabbling in the serious side of historic preservation and reveling in the lightheartedness of "telling old stories," Tarone has compiled a book that forces us to look at ourselves, where we've been, where we're going and what posts have been left along the road. Eclectic, different, funny, sarcastic and serious, "We Were Here Once" is pure Hazleton and pure Tarone.